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Are you Using Hard Water? 5 Simple Steps to Find Out!

Several epidemiological studies have demonstrated the relationship between risk for cardiovascular disease, reproductive failure and other health problems and hard water. In fact, about 80-85% of the country’s water supply is hard water. Tap water comes with contaminants like magnesium and calcium. Canadian tap water also contains harmful impurities like mercury, lead, and arsenic. Besides the negative effects hard water has on scent, taste, and health, minerals in hard water can clog up your pipes and increase your bill. If your water builds up magnesium and calcium, it creates hard water. If you suspect your house has hard water, there is a…

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Do You Know the Impact of Using Hard Water on Your Skin?

Many people overlook the effects of hard water and regret their decisions. Though it looks harmless, the report will tell you the severe impact of using excessive hard water. However, as trusted water specialists, we strive to ensure that every drop of water that flows through your place is clean and safe for you and your family. However, this blog has come with the relation of hard water and your skin. After reading this post, you will know how hard water damages your skin. Here you go! Everything About Hard Water In Canada, hard water is a common issue and…