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Since lead is capable of producing various health problems, it is very critical to get rid of it. Especially among children, lead poisoning is very widespread and can be very dangerous. Our Lead Removal System effectively removes lead and produces chemical-free, safe and clean drinking water. Contact us to know more about our solutions.

At Canadian Smart Home Solutions, our completely automatic lead filtration system has a powerful, energy-efficient transformer along with a smart filter distributor. This is specially designed to save more water and stop lead discharge at the time of the backwash cycle. It can bring down the lead content from 250 PPB to 10 PPB. Moreover, it doesn’t need any filter cartridges. Get a quote now.

Just like lead, the city water supply also has many other harmful chemicals such as Chloramines, Chlorine, THM, and various other volatile and organic chemicals that often lead to serious health and structural damage. They can shorten the life of our pipes and other appliances. Lead is not only harmful to our hair and skin, but it can also cause many fatal illnesses.

Lead is often responsible for serious damage to our kidneys, as well as our nervous and reproductive systems. Moreover, it is the key reason for high blood pressure and anemia among children. And this can later lead to learning disabilities, behavioural problems, mental retardation and in some cases, can even prove to be life-threatening.

Our trusted lead removal water filter filters lead along with other unwanted elements from the pipeline to promote the flow of fresh, pure and safe water throughout your home. Our filter comes with a 10-year warranty and does not use any chemicals or water-softening salts in its process. Contact us to know more.