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Canadian Smart Home Solutions has commercial water treatment products including water softeners and water conditioning for boiler protection. Also, we offer high-volume Reverse Osmosis Systems that are great for commercial uses. Our products are designed and made with smart engineering, considering the easy use and dependability of the design. They come with up to six vessels and a smart valve controller that does not need any separate custom setup of its own.


Our single vessel systems are recommended for people who don’t need high flow rates or 24×7 usage. These systems are failure resistant, have the maximum flow rate and can also avoid channelling, which causes unfiltered water to pass through the system.


We also have Duplex systems that feature the same capabilities as simplex systems. However, it is suitable for customers with major requirements. There is one key difference between the making of simplex and duplex systems and that is duplex systems contain two vessels that are parallel to each other. It is also equipped with smart control valves that turn on the second unit only when it is needed to get user-specified flow rates.


Apart from the above two we also build triplex, quadplex, fiveplex and sixplex advanced flow systems. These are all designed to successfully deal with high flow rates, 24×7 operations and are highly resistant to failure. Contact us to know more.



Iron/Sulphur/Manganese Filters

Turbidity Filters

Water Softeners

Chemical Removal Filters

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Cooling Tower Side Stream Filters

Water Conditioners