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All You Need to Know About a Well Water System to Keep Water Safe!

According to a study, about 3 million Canadian residents use private wells. But they are unaware that many issues and contaminants can impact the groundwater that supplies well.

Careful observation, frequent testing, and regular treatment help maintain water safety and softness. Thus, the professionals always recommend using a well water system to filter and soften the water and make it drinkable and safe for human use. Learn to spot some frequently occurring well water problems!

The Most Common Well Water Issues

Have a look at the following signs to spot the problem!

Stains in sinks and tubs

The most common signs of iron in well water are rust or reddish-orange stains in sinks and tubs. You can also find brown, black or blue-green spots indicating other issues.

Scaling, soap scum and spots

Hard water is common in wells, and it may cause scaling or lingering soap scum on drains, faucets, tubs and showers, leaving dishes spotty after washing.

Strange tastes or smells

You will never want to use water with strange tastes and smells for drinking or cooking, right. It is an irritating issue because it makes your entire routine a mess. So, do not wait and find a well water system soon!

Cloudy or discoloured appearance

It is a sign of a water problem and indicates numerous causes, such as sediment, turbidity (issues with clarity) or suspended solids.

A dry scalp or skin after showering

If you feel that your hair and skin become dry and dull after using the water, you must find a well-water professional to treat the problem.


How to Keep Your Well Water Safe?

When you know that your water has some issues, obey the following steps to purify it. Here you go!

  1. Test well water

Use simple home testing or comprehensive lab testing to find out the issue.

  1. Soften and filter water

Now, you need to soften and filter the polluted water to make it safe and drinkable again.


Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you have understood the correct way to keep your water safe with a well water system. If you want to know more, read a few more blogs.